Mount Carmel Alumni Foundation Board, Member-At-Large

written by Marilee Alessandra

Board member at-large, Marilee Alessandra is a 1970 graduate of Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Although a public school with no threat of closing, the Poly community had much in common with the Mt. Carmel neighborhood at the time. That diverse, dynamic, yet sometimes dangerous, experience was truly formative for a sheltered, spoiled teenager.

In her professional life, she has been involved in non-profit fundraising from the perspective of both the donor and the solicitor. From 1989 through 1998 she administered the donations, community affairs and special events budget for Tiffany & Co. San Francisco. In 2000 she joined the development department of a Catholic high school which successfully raising 35 million dollars and built a new state-of-the-art campus.

She and her husband Al Alessandra, the founding chairman of the Mount Carmel Alumni Foundation, live in San Clemente and enjoy travel, and lots of family time with children and grandchildren in California and Tennessee.